Never explain managed services again.


This is the ONLY manged services video that:

Isn't attached to fees for services or additional products that you don't want or have the time for

Applies to your service no matter what RMM software you use - Kaseya, N-able, LabTech, Level Platforms - this video can be used to illustrate any of them

Actually explains what remote managed services is AND why it is beneficial - no irrelevant stock photos or vague buzzwords

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What is managed services? Video What is managed services? Video (BRITISH) Logo Branding
What is managed services? VideoWhat is managed services? Video (BRITISH)Logo Branding

The best $299 you'll spend on marketing. Make your remote managed services tangible with this video created specifically to help MSPs build their business.

The best $299 you will spend on marketing is now available for British managed service providers. Make your remote managed services tangible with this video created to help UK MSPs build their business.

*NEW* MSP Builder now offers Logo Branding for an added fee of $50.






How much time have you spent explaining remote managed services and its benefits to a client or prospect, and they still don't get it?


moneyDo you have trouble convincing clients to pay a monthly fee because they can't see everything you're doing for that fee?



 How often do you have to answer, "What is managed services?"


This video for MSPs provides an easy to understand call to action for your Remote Managed Services. It will:

  • Help you sign up new clients.
  • Help stop clients from leaving.


Yes, we can brand that for you!

*NEW* MSP Builder now offers Logo Branding of your video for an added fee of $50. This service includes the addition of your company logo to the beginning of the video and your company logo, contact information, and call to action to the end of the video. Simply add the Logo Branding service to your cart, along with the video.

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 UK? You got it!

We're excited to offer UK managed service providers our "What is managed services?" video with a British accent voiceover. This is the ONLY British managed services video of its kind - enhance your website and add to your sales toolbox. (MSPs outside the UK are also welcome to consider this option. Who doesn't prefer a British accent?)