Make Kaseya VSA run as Desktop Application (via Chrome)

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7/2/2019 8:50:50 AM
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Make Kaseya VSA run as Desktop Application (via Chrome)

Hi All,

I just came across a handy trick which I think will help some users out.

We have switches to Kaseya VSA, but one thing that slows us down, is trying to find it in a multitude of Chrome Tabs.

What I did not know is that you can Create a Desktop Icon which will run Kaseya VSA in a dedicated Chrome Instance, with no Tabs.

You can then Pin that to your Start Bar, and run it just like a normal desktop application!

It has it's own Icon and everything, so it doesnt even look like it's running Chrome.
(Note: you can do this with other Webpages too, not just VSA!)


1. Load your VSA Page.
2. Open the Settings Menu (Click the 3 Dots in the Top Right Corner)
3. More Tools -> Create Shortcut
4. Make sure you tick "Open as window"
5. Create

You'll now find an icon on your Desktop for Kaseya VSA

6. Drag that onto your Start Bar to Pin it.

Hope it helps!