Update - Maintenance Interface

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10/18/2018 9:15:27 PM
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Update - Maintenance Interface

An update to the Maintenance Interface was released today based on a customer request.

The Maintenance Interface will now check a registry key to control whether it displays during login and daily maintenance startup. It can also be used to suppress all maintenance pop-up messages. This feature allows agent-specific controls to be deployed to systems where these messages may be disruptive, such as kiosks, medical terminals, court reporting systems, and the like.

With the registry value undefined or set to zero, the Maintenance Interface operates normally, appearing briefly during login and when daytime maintenance starts. With the value set to one (1), it operates similarly to the --u option, suppressing the display during login and daytime maintenance startup. There is a minor difference in that --u will still display the maintenance interface if warnings are present, while the registry setting completely suppresses the interface. Setting the registry value to two will also suppress all pop-up messages.

This feature will not prevent the interface from running - it simply starts minimized in the System Tray when this setting is enabled.

An Agent Procedure is available to control the registry setting.