Smart Monitor Alerts - Adding Additional Fields

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8/28/2019 2:28:14 AM
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Smart Monitor Alerts - Adding Additional Fields

Hi all,

Is there any way that we customise some of the can use some of the Agent Fields in the Smart Monitor Alerts

I'd love to have the field "Last Logged in User" included in these alerts if that were possible!

Event ID: A:2289 
Application log generated Error Event 162 on

Log: Application 
Type: Error 
Event: 162 
Alert Time: 2019-08-26 19:32:04Z 
Event Time: 06:31:01 PM 26-Aug-2019 UTC 
Category: None 
Username: N/A 
Computer: C-PC001.RS.local 
Description: RMSDCC: Disk Capacity CRITICAL Alarm. Free space is >65% below minimum threshold on one or more drives. 
DeviceID: C:\ 
Size: 453 GB 
FreeSpace: 3 GB - Alarm (3) 
Free %: 0.75


8/31/2019 8:45:51 AM
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Re: Smart Monitor Alerts - Adding Additional Fields

Unfortunately, the Smart Monitors are applications that run on the agents without any direct access to the VSA data. The VSA Agent Fields and Custom Fields are not accessible to these applications, so this is not a trivial change, and the disk capacity Smart Monitor is one of the most complex we have.

An upcoming release of ITP will allow you to inject specific strings into the tickets based on the Monitor Set ID. This was intended to place tags into the ticket body that a PSA could use to update fields. I'll look at whether this could be updated to utilize the Event Macros, and whether those could be extended to obtain the field data.


9/2/2019 2:12:10 AM
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Re: Smart Monitor Alerts - Adding Additional Fields

Thanks for the detailed response!