Adding Roles Detection & Automatic Service Monitoring

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8/28/2019 2:37:43 AM
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Adding Roles Detection & Automatic Service Monitoring

Hi All,

Have you any documentation around how we would go about configuring RMMSuite to detect a new specific Role or Application on a server, and then automatically apply service monitor sets based on those roles?

For example, we use Nakivo Backup & Replication (Similar to Veeam) on some of our sites - if possible, we'd like to be able to automatically detect that product, and automatically apply service & event log monitors to generate alerts on our PSA.

This would be useful for other applications as well and would be a great tool for us, if it were possible!



8/31/2019 8:38:24 AM
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Re: Adding Roles Detection & Automatic Service Monitoring


The method for creating service and Event Log monitors is described in the Core Automation Guide starting on Page 11 and in more detail on page 51. It thoroughly explains the concepts behind the naming of monitor sets so they can be parsed by ITP.

There is a How Do I article explaining the process to customize the Daily Audit.

The general concept is:

  1. Identify the application or service to monitor and add it to the Daily Audit configuration. Make sure the ID is unique! Manually run the daily audit on a few machines with and without the product to ensure it's detected correctly (check the System Roles field).
  2. Identify what you want to monitor - usually services and event log alerts, then create the monitor set(s). You might create multiple monitor sets based on priority, so only high-priority events trigger after-hours notifications. This part takes a little planning and consideration.
  3. Create a "YAPC" view (look at our "XAPC" views for an example) that fires when the agent is not suspended, is not unmanaged or in a special group, the System Roles field contains the product ID, and the Policy Control field does not contain the product ID or EXMON. You can usually pick one of our views, Save As, and then change the System Roles and Policy Control fields to meet your needs.
  4. Locate one of our Auto-Pilot monitor policies, save as and give it a name related to the product to be monitored, following our naming example. Move it immediately to your MSP Customized folder! Edit that to remove the existing monitor definitions and replace them with the monitor sets you created above. Change the view in the policy to the view created in step 3. Make sure the policy is placed into a folder "Custom Monitors (Auto-Pilot)" (or similarly named folder) that is linked to the Org Root. Always drag your folders to the end of the list to ensure they are processed as overrides!

It may sound complex, but aside from the up front research to determine what to monitor and what priorities to assign, this should take just 15 minutes or so to complete.


9/2/2019 2:15:28 AM
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Re: Adding Roles Detection & Automatic Service Monitoring

Awesome Glenn - Thanks for this, i'll give it a go this week :)