Vuln Status and the CVE-2020-1472 KB list

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11/30/2020 4:58:25 PM
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Chris Visser MSP Builder Senior Solutions Engineer

Vuln Status and the CVE-2020-1472 KB list

This post is regarding the MSP Builder Notice 200921 sent on the 21st of September 2020 and relates to the Vuln Status custom field and updating the CVE-2020-1472 KB list.

We received a support request reporting that most of the machines were showing that the CVE-2020-1472 patch/s were not installed however the machines appear to be fully patched and/or did not have any of the listed patches missing.

The reason for this is because the original list was released in September 2020 and most of these patches have now been superseded by newer patches. To continue checking for the CVE-2020-1472 vulnerability the list will need to be maintained, this can be done by using the Windows Update Catalog;

The basic process involved searching for the KB number value and to see if it has been superseded or not and if it has to replace it with latest KB number as Kaseya Patch Management will not deploy superseded patch via Automatic Updates. I have updated list with the latest KB numbers from October and November;


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