Updated AuditRoles Exchange Servers version Detection

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3/11/2021 1:34:53 PM
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Chris Visser MSP Builder Senior Solutions Engineer

Updated AuditRoles Exchange Servers version Detection

We have created an updated list for Exchange Servers version detection used in the [APP VERSION ROLES] section of the AuditRoles.ini file.

The AuditRoles.ini file is used to detect machine roles and allows for automated Policy assignment and monitor set deployment using view filters configured to look for specific System Roles in the related System Roles custom field.

To access the AuditRoles.ini for updating;

  1. Go to the Agent Procedures >Manage Procedures >Schedule Create
  2. From the top menu bar select Managed Files and navigate to Shared\MSPB\_Core\Root\Audit
  3. Download a copy of the AuditRoles.ini file and edit it with NotePad or NotePad++
  4. Go to the [APP VERSION ROLES] section and replace the listed "Microsoft Exchange Server" lines with the supplied list below.
  5. Save the updated AuditRoles.ini file and upload it to Shared\MSPB\_Core\Root\Audit Managed Files path.


Microsoft Exchange Server - 15.2.=EX19
Microsoft Exchange Server - 15.02.=EX19
Microsoft Exchange Server - 15.1.=EX16
Microsoft Exchange Server - 15.01.=EX16
Microsoft Exchange Server - 15.0.=EX13
Microsoft Exchange Server - 15.00.=EX13
Microsoft Exchange Server - 14=EX10
Microsoft Exchange Server - 8=EX07
Microsoft Exchange Server - 6.5=EX03