How to handle offsite datacenters

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10/19/2018 12:24:13 PM
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How to handle offsite datacenters

We have a few clients that have offsite datacenters --- how best should we organize these under the MSPbuilder model?  Technically they're offiste "locations", however we want to treat them almost as if they're a primary.

Should we add them as some kind of separate location?  Perhaps just bundle them with the main location?  Etc.


Thanks in advance!


10/19/2018 1:05:19 PM
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Re: How to handle offsite datacenters

Hi Michael,

There aren't any "hard rules" for this but one thing that we found effective was to define a site for the datacenter that uses an "@" symbol. If the organization places their own equipment into IO's third-party datacenter in Edison, NJ, for example, they might create a site called "usnj-edn@io", which is the LOCODE* site code for Edison, NJ, the "at" symbol, and the datacenter ID. This format makes it pretty obvious that there's something "special" about that location. For virtual hosting services like Azure and AWS, we simply create sites called "@aws" or "@az".

Note that if a customer has two locations in the same city, or uses virtual hosting services (sometimes you can specify a geographic region for your systems), we use a prefix for the region, or a suffix (number or street name) to distinguish between them.

The main thing to consider is consistency - when you create a site for every customer, even those with just one location, you can apply logic consistently to that part of the structure. It's the order and consistency that allow automation to do great things.


PS - "LOCODE" is a set of country, region/state, and city identification codes developed by the United Nations. We use that to leverage a pre-defined standard for site names. See this link for more information about the LOCODE standard.