Recycle Bin Auto-empty behavior change

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11/27/2018 4:46:38 PM
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Recycle Bin Auto-empty behavior change

Despite explaining to users that the recycle bin is not a folder to store important documents, there are users of a certain mindset that still do this.  We recently had a client call asking why their recycle bin was emptied.  They're asking if we can stop the auto-emptying of the folder. 


I'm wondering if it would be possible to disable this action per-site?  This could probably be achieved via a global variable.  That way, we could include a question like: "As part of general maintenance, our software will automatically empty the recycle bin to keep users profile sizes from growing out of control.  Would you like to keep this option enabled?" as a part of our onboarding process.

11/28/2018 10:21:34 AM
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Re: Recycle Bin Auto-empty behavior change

Thanks for the suggestion!  When we implemented this feature (also from customer request), we didn't include any controls for it. The Recycle Bin on C: was simply cleared as part of the regular cleanup process.

I looked at the code and was able to add controls for this pretty quickly. We've deployed it to QA today and barring any issues, it will be in the production deployment by the end of the week. We'll also have a procedure that will set the per-agent control value available for download.

We added a new control to the configuration file - In the SETTINGS section, you can define "DoNotClearRecycleBin". This is a Boolean value, so 1,T,Y, or "On" will all enable suppressing the recycle bin. This will typically be used to deploy a configuration system-wide, or to an entire customer or site. When you need to suppress clearing the recycle bin on specific machines, the Agent Procedure will set (or clear) the same value in the registry, in our RMM/Maintenance section. Finally, for situations where you might run this manually or otherwise outside of normal maintenance, the --NoRBin command line argument will suppress the Recycle Bin cleanup as well.

The User Guide will be updated and published today to reflect the new configuration setting options.