Profile Backup Process

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2/15/2019 8:58:02 AM
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Matt Carpenter

Profile Backup Process

I am looking for more information about how the profile backups are handled, what data is included, if this can be modified to include or exclude file types.



2/15/2019 11:02:31 AM
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Re: Profile Backup Process

Hmm - seems like an entire section is missing from the EMM Operations Guide. I'll get busy and get that updated.

In the mean time, the User Profile Backup tool copies essential user data to a second location, in the event that a profile becomes corrupt. It will not protect against disk failures.

The standard configuration file is stored in MSPB\_EMM\Maint_Cfg\_Common on the VSA, and is called RMMLSB.ini. This defines the settings for all customers, although you can create and deploy customized versions in the same manner as you would do for Maintenance.

There are six components available in the backup, with 3 enabled by default.

  • REGISTRY - [disabled] - Uses ERUNT.EXE to backup the user registry. This can be configured to use any alternate method.
  • TEMPLATES - [disabled] - backs up any DOT(X) and XLT(X) files.
  • FAVORITES - [enabled] - backs up the user's favorites folder
  • SHORTCUTS - [enabled] - backs up all shortcuts in the user folder structure
  • NK2FILES - [disabled] - supported on older platforms where NK2 files were used
  • PRINTERCFG - [enabled] - exports the user printer configuration

The utility also creates a System Restore Point on a weekly basis. This can be turned off using the SkipSRP Boolean in the COMMON section of the configuration file. The destination path can also be defined in the COMMON section via the DestRoot value. Note that there are "macros" that you can use in the paths - these are described in the configuration file.

Hope that satisfies your question!