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RMM Suite 3.0 is Available!

The long-awaited release of RMM Suite Version 3 is a complete and comprehensive rewrite, leveraging the experience and feedback from over 4 years of working with our customers to automate their RMM platforms. We will begin scheduling upgrades to current clients in mid-July.
Key new features include:

  • Simplified configuration through a cloud management interface, with customer, site, and agent data pre-loaded. End to end ciphering of data for improved security while in-flight and at-rest. Security data is always ciphered, and cloud access requires dual-authentication methods with complex tokens that change daily.
  • Support for ANY RMM Platform - VSA, Datto RMM, and others. New platforms can be supported easily.
  • Automatic Zero-Day Detection and Remediation support to speed and simplify your customer response.
  • Completely rewritten documentation with component-specific guides makes information easier to find and comprehend.
  • Reduced platform complexity and automation offloading allows higher RMM platform growth.

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