Multi-Tool for Kaseya Service Desk*

*Now supported for use in Agent Procedures!
  • How can I know what the current Time or Date is?Works with Kaseya Service Desk
  • What is the current weekday name or number?
  • How can I tell how much time has elapsed since a specific date / time?
  • How can I increment or decrement a number?
  • Why do Kaseya procedures think 10 is less than 4, and how do I get an accurate comparison?
  • How can I tell if the current time is between the hours of help-desk operation to determine if an alert should automatically be escalated to the on-call team?
  • How can I get the left/middle/right part of a text string?
  • How can I get part of a delimited text string?
  • How can I compare two software version strings?
  • I need a procedure to schedule an Agent procedure for the last Tuesday of the month at 2 AM– how do I do this?
  • How to I have Service Desk invoke a remediation procedure and then process the results?
If you have asked any of these questions while developing Service Desk or Agent Procedures, the Multi-Tool is just what you need!

We spent considerable time and effort developing an automated Kaseya Service Desk for our MSP practice. Development struggled for several months as the nuances of Kaseya procedures, logic, and limited capabilities of the Ticket Intake procedures were uncovered.

There were no built-in facilities to provide the time, date, or day of week, much less perform any kind of date calculations. Even basic math functions, such as incrementing or decrementing a number, were not available. Worse yet, the comparisons were string-based, so Kaseya would report that 4 was greater than 10 because it performed string-based comparisons by default, one character at a time.

We needed a method to perform accurate comparisons along with basic math and time calculations so that the the ticket evaluation process could be automated. This was the origin of the Multi-Tool. Once we employed the capabilities it provided, we were able to rapidly proceed with the development of our Service Desk automation, and were even able to include additional functions that we had originally discarded as “too difficult to implement”. We then looked at as many “what if” situations as we could think of and developed functions in the Multi-Tool to accommodate them.

The result is a tool that is easy to interface with Kaseya’s procedural language and provides 60 key functions for math, comparisons, logic, string manipulation, time calculations, and even network functions. The tool works in a consistent manner and operates the way you would expect, because it was designed and built by an MSP for MSPs.

In addition to performing key calculations, the Multi-Tool also provides detailed logging of the tasks that it performs, simplifying the development of complex  procedures or debugging with things don’t go quite right. The log can identify the procedure that called the function and report the arguments provided, function performed, and the result.

Take a look at the technical capabilities of the Multi-Tool and you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it! And, in the odd chance that you have a requirement that we haven’t already considered, we can customize the Multi-Tool for a nominal one-time cost. (Free if it's a widely useful function!)