At just $299, the Multi-Tool provides an economical solution to complex Service Desk procedures. Not sure of the value? Download the full package, which will run in evaluation mode and exposes all of the 60+ functions to a command line for you to see the accuracy and format of every function. Install it in Kaseya and use 6 functions in live tests, including ADD, CEQ, SLFT, TCTS, TCWD, and LAND. A 30-day trial license is also available by request. When you’ve seen the power and decide to add the Multi-Tool to your arsenal, simply purchase the license to be 100% operational.

Even if you are using a PSA like ConnectWise or AutoTask, Kaseya’s Service Desk can be used to evaluate alerts, provide automated responses, and reduce the overall amount of tickets flowing into your PSA, in some cases by as much as 63%. The Multi-Tool makes it practical and affordable to develop your own advanced Service Desk solutions.

With the release of version 2.0, the same power can be used in Agent Procedures.Simply deploy the Multi-Tool files to the agent and call it to perform complex math and time calculations and string manipulation. You can even call the Multi-Tool from other scripts to create complex processes.

Note: When used with Service Desk, the Multi-Tool requires an application to be installed on the VSA server and is not supported in the SaaS platform. It is designed for use in On-Prem VSA solutions. When used with Agent Procedures, all VSA platforms are supported, including SAAS.

Multi-Tool - $299

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Multi-Tool license for one VSA, unlimited agents.