MSP Builder and TECHS+TOGETHER - Perfect Together!

RMM Suite - Special Offer for TECHS+TOGETHER Customers

MSP Builder and TECHS+TOGETHER have come together to provide a special offer to help you get the most out of your T+T VSA platform! Techs+Together LogoSave $500 on the implementation fee and 10% on the per-agent monthly support fee. TECHS+TOGETHER provides a VSA platform for a flat, per-agent monthly rate with no up-front cost or commitments. This is a cost-effective solution for MSPs of any size. Click on the TECHS+TOGETHER logo to connect to their website.

RMM Suite Pricing for TECHS+TOGETHER Customers

Monthly Licensing

The RMM Suite license is a monthly license subscription of $199 plus $0.31* (normally $0.34) per agent for support, making it affordable to MSPs of any size. This subscription includes all VSA components and applications in the RMM Suite:

  • Highly tuned monitor sets for servers and workstations, plus additional sets for server applications, services, features, and roles.
  • The Agent Procedure library - over 300 procedures that include Daily Tasks, Custom Audit, Application Install/Update/Remove, Agent Initialization, and Endpoint Utilities.
  • Applications for custom endpoint auditing, configuration, updating, and support utilities.
  • Baseline profiles for Patching, plus views and policies that automate the scheduling for workstations and servers.Both Patch Management and Software Management are now supported.
  • A comprehensive set of monitor templates for Network Monitor, supporting performance and operational availability alerts.
  • System Policies and Views to automate nearly every aspect of VSA administration.
  • Enhanced Maintenance & Monitoring - Proactive Daily Maintenance can be highly customized and keeps endpoints running at peak efficiency. Smart Monitors add intelligence to the agent monitoring by setting appropriate thresholds, performing self-remediation, and suppressing alerts from temporary conditions.
  • Intelligent Ticket Processing to evaluate every alert event, respond where possible with automation, deliver events as tickets into the MSP's PSA, and interface with third-party Smart Pager service for after-hours notification of priority events.
  • Ongoing support for the RMM Suite components - automatic daily updates of all tools, regular updates of RMM components, and email-based technical support for the RMM Suite.

*Price based on up to 2499 agents. There are addtiional volume price breaks at 2500, 5000, 7500, 10000, and 25000 agents.

Installation, Configuration, and Training

This is a one-time cost of $2,495 (normally $2,995) and includes:

  • A full, detailed audit of your VSA platform, plus a detailed report with recommendations for improvements in standards, operational efficiencies, and automation;
  • Professional Services for Implementation, including customization of VSA to support automation;
  • Configuration guidance and assistance (configuration of MSP-specific parameters);
  • Guided "Activation" of the automation on up to two customer organizations;
  • Comprehensive training for System Operations, Maintenance & Smart Monitor configuration, Daily Maintenance troubleshooting.

RMM Suite Administration Services

If you need assistance to keep your RMM Suite platform running at peak performance, our professional services team can provide regular weekly oversight for as little as $150 per month. Leverage this service as needed if you are short handed, just need help while your team gets comfortable with the regular maintenance tasks, or as your primary method for RMM Suite administration. Get more information and pricing on our professional services page!