These courses are currently available for Instructor Led training. Each session is one hour long.

Course ID Description   Sessions
MCT-1-RSO MSP Builder - RMM Suite Operation Overview
The essential class for every engineer using the MSP Builder RMM Suite. This course focuses on the Core Automation components - where things are located, how to verify the automation is running, and how to configure key components.
MCT-2-EMM MSP Builder - EMM Suite Operation & Customization
What every engineer supporting MSB Builder EMM Suite should know, from creating new Maintenance tasks to configuring Smart Monitors to deploying customer, group, or agent-specific configuration files, it's covered in this class.
MCT-3-TDM MSP Builder - Troubleshooting Daily Maintenance
How to troubleshoot when Maintenance tasks don't work as planned - gathering and interpreting the logs, checking configuration files, and invoking tools manually to identify and resolve issues are discussed in detail.
MCT-4-VAT MSP Builder - VSA Administration Tasks
Learn how to perform the regular maintenance tasks required by the RMM Suite. This course also covers the tasks needed to configure VSA when new customer orgs or sites are added to VSA.
MCT-5-CDA MSP Builder - Customizing the Daily Audit Tool
The Daily Audit tool is a powerful yet easily customized component of the RMM Suite. Learn how to identify new applications and services, then apply this information to automatically deploy monitors. We'll also look at how this tool can pull data back to VSA and populate custom fields.
MCT-6-SPM MSP Builder - Server Patch Management
Reviews the monthly process for approving or denying updates in the Patch Policies, as well as use of the Offline Server Patch Schedule tool to quickly schedule server patching.
ITBP-ADA IT Best Practices - Active Directory Network Auditing
Discover the methods to audit an Active Directory environment and expose conditions that obstruct good security practices. Examine the use of Group Policies and how to identify risk; review the use of security settings on file shares; the proper configuration of DNS, and insuring that the domain controllers are secure and properly functioning.
ITBP-ADD IT Best Practices - Active Directory Design & Remediation
Properly designed AD infrastructures can improve performance and reduce risk, topics all too important in this day. We'll show you how to take the results of the AD Network Audit and implement change for the better, using methods designed and tested in environments with tens of thousands of objects.
ITBP-NDF IT Best Practices - Network Design Fundamentals
Learn how to design networks for security, performance, and reliability by scaling enterprise design methods to the small to mid-sized business. Improve (and simplify) security by establishing an IP address model; learn how to configure VLANs in switch stacks to minimize an outage from switch or module failure, and more.
MSPB-ULS MSP Builder - Deploying the Universal Login Script
Covers the deployment, configuration, and troubleshooting of the ULS. Enters into advanced territory by discussing the various authorization methods and use of lookup tables to create dynamic resource mappings.
KVSA-DBP Kaseya VSA - Design Best Practices
What every MSP and IT department should know when deploying a Kaseya VSA platform. Includes topics for SaaS and On-Prem solutions, configuration of your VSA to optimize automation and business operations. Absoultly essential topics for new VSA users!