The RMM Suite

The Business Benefits of the RMM Suite

Kaseya VSA is a powerful business tool for MSPs and internal IT departments. Many companies that employ the VSA barely scratch the surface of its capabilities. MSP Builder’s RMM Suite is a ready to use suite of highly integrated components that allow the abilities of the VSA to be more fully utilized with a minimum investment in time and money, enhancing the value of this powerful platform.

Our years of enterprise monitoring and management expertise have resulted in a set of monitors that appropriately target the typical SME environment, reducing the time needed to establish baselines and deploy effectivive monitoring. This is coupled with sophisticated automation that identifies what should be monitored on a system by system basis and applies those monitors automatically. This significantly reduces the time and effort needed to manage your management system while nearly eliminating the risk of missing critical events. This combination of effective monitoring and automation in our Core Automation Suite has allowed MSPs to achieve a 1000:1 endpoint to engineer ratio - twice the industry average. Alerts are reduced, ticket "noise" is virtually eliminated, and engineers spend less time on ticket thanks to automated remediation and instructional templates. These templates help to limit down-time by increasing effectiveness of the engineer - making sure they are working on the "right things".

Additional benefits are realized through our Enhanced Maintenance and Monitoring Suite. Ongoing daily maintenance keeps workstations and servers in optimal condition, reducing and often eliminating "nusiance" calls from end users. Smart Monitors help reduce tickets even further by calculating resource-appropriate thresholds, suppressing alerts for transient conditions, and preventing alerts completely through self-remediation. This reduces management overhead even further by eliminating the need to maintain multiple, threshold-specific monitor sets.

In summary, the RMM Suite provides:

  • Improved monitoring with less manual administration.
  • Fewer tickets by eliminating noise from inappropriatly defined monitors (up to 63% reduction has been realized).
  • Reduction in manual handling of tickets through auto-remediation.
  • Improved operation and reduction of operational issues through continuous maintenance.

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