Universal Login Script

A login script is the ONE administrative tool that touches every user in your organization. It gets up close and personal in a way that no other tool does. When it works, you're brilliant, but when it doesn't, well...

Shouldn't you put your best script forward?

MSP Builder's Universal Login Script has stood the test of time, with nearly 20 years of use at several hundred organizations around the world. Companies of all sizes - from a handful of users at a single office to enterprises with hundreds of locations and thousands of users - all benefit from a login script that is robust, fast, and flexible.

Proven Reliability

In-depth testing, externalized data, compiled code, logging, detailed debugging, and years of field use all combine to provide a level of reliability well beyond most expectations. A thoroughly detailed user guide with examples and a step-by-step implementation is simply the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Proven Performance

While many factors, such as server load and network link speeds can affect performance, rest assured that the login script itself won't slow things down. In small networks where a dozen resource records are defined and 5-6 resources are actually processed, the script will complete its processing in under 1 second - so fast that we had to add an optional delay so users and admins could view the status messages! In one large network - 250+ sites connected by 256Kbps Frame Relay links, the configuration file has 38 resource records defined, along with two lookup tables of 4-500 records each. On the LAN, the login script completes in under 6 seconds, while remote users running the script over the WAN take 11 seconds to complete the login processing. These times include loading the Kix32 executable, parsing the configuration file, validating access, and processing the authorized resources. The VBScript file that this replaced took more than 90 seconds to process across the WAN!

Benefit to the MSP

If you are like many MSPs, you probably have deployed a mix of Batch and VBScript logon scripts to multiple customers. These were probably written by several different staff members, often with little if any documentation (or comments!). Making changes to the code to modify mappings can be difficult - a simple typo can cause the entire script to fail.

By implementing the Universal Login Script, programming is eliminated. The ULS cannot be modified, so programming errors are eliminated. Resources are mapped using a configuration file, updated using the GUI tool or a simple text editor. Should a mistake be made when updating the configuration file, only a single resource will be affected.

Standards breed control, and control delivers reliability - both for you and your clients. Deploying the ULS to your customers will provide consistency in operation, administration, and performance, which directly, and positively, affects your bottom line.

Special Features

There are many features that differentiate this login script from the rest.

Internationalization provides dynamic selection of the language used to display status messages to the user. Six languages - English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, and Swedish - are built in, and other languages can be added by simply creating a message file in the desired language. The language is selected based on the user's Locale setting.

Config File Caching significantly improves performance on slow WAN links. It caches the config data on the local machine. Further queries to the config file are done from the cached data, reducing the amount of network traffic necessary to process the login. Updates to the central configuration file are identified and the cached copy updated at every logon.

Debugging features are rich and extensive, making it easy to test complex configurations. Errors are automatically logged, and automatically enable Level-1 debugging. Debugging clearly illustrates the decision processing logic applied to every resource record, allowing the administrator to quickly zero in on the issue.

Complete and Thorough Documentation

A comprehensive User and Administration Guide documents every aspect of configuration. Appendices provide detailed examples of configuration, and fully explain how to troubleshoot using the debugging and error logs. Sample files for custom code extensions, user interfaces, and language support files are also included and documented.

Extensive and Proven Deployment

Who uses the Universal Login Script? Companies of all sizes spread across the globe, including:

  • First Citizens Bank & Trust - A regional bank in the Southeastern US.
  • National Management Systems - A US-based recycling management firm.
  • Flight Centre USA / Liberty Travel - One of the largest travel agencies in the US.
  • Christian Dior Perfumes L.L.C. - An internationally recognized cosmetics firm.
  • O-A Insurance - A large insurance agency in the NY metro area.
  • CyberTel IT - A Managed Services Provider based in Australia supporting multiple customer installations.
  • CIT Group - an international financial services firm based in NJ.
  • Sinclair Wilson - a large, multi-location accounting firm in Australia.

 ...to name a few.