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An Overview of CET Automation
Register         When:         April 24, 2024 at 1 PM Eastern (US)
Audience: Anyone struggling with RMM scripting and automation.
Topic: Learn how CET leverages automation using any EXE, MSI, or script.
Description: We will review the capabilities of the  RMM Suite's CET automation tool. CET delivers the ability to run any EXE, MSI, BAT, PS, or VB script and handles the file hosting, download, unzip/verify, and argument processing and validation to deliver consistent results on any RMM. It eliminates the "but it worked when I tested it" issue found on so many RMM platforms.


Introducing CET - Simple yet Powerful Automation
Register         When:         April 25, 2024 at 2 PM Eastern (US)
Audience: Current RMM Suite clients interested in leveraging CET automation to reduce the effort of scripting and improve results.
Topic: Learn how to create and deploy CET Packages in your RMM.
Description: Learn about how CET works, how your current automation can be adapted to operate in both RMM and direct execution modes. CET can run any EXE, MSI, or script, will automatically handle file downloading, unzip/verify archives, and process arguments (command-line and cloud script vars) to simplify your automation. CET can run automation from your RMM, directly from MSPB tools, and from the device command-line. Plus! Choose from an ever-growing library of MSPB-supported automation packages.