MSPs worldwide use solutions and services from MSP Builder to:

  • Significantly reduce alert noise from overwhelming their help desk;
  • Reduce the administrative overhead of their RMM platform;
  • Employ automation to maintain systems and remediate events;
  • Develop operational standards across their customer base;
  • Optimize operation of their Kaseya VSA platform.

Growing from MSP roots, we're sensitive to the specific needs of Managed Service Providers. Take a look around, you'll like what you see!

 Recent Updates:
  • Glenn's seminar at  Kaseya Connect this past week was well attended. Over 130 fellow Kaseyans came to learn how to optimize VSA. If you missed it or want more info, keep an eye on our blog for more information.
  • Updates to our Daily Maintenance tool will be available soon that will allow application and role-specific tasks without system-specific configurations.

Recent Blog Posts

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MSP Tool Chest

From the Multi-Tool for Service Desk Automation to Log Manager & the Universal Login Script for standardized administration, these tools pack a serious punch for MSPs through standardization and best practices.

VSA Enhancements

Our RMM Suite automates much of the daily VSA operation by automatically identifying and deploying monitor sets, scheduling updates, and running regular maintenance to keep systems running smoothly.

Professional Services

MSP Builder is the "expert in your back pocket" for many Kaseya MSPs. From onboarding and optimization of your VSA to self-paced video-based training, we've got you covered.