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A discussion of the technical challenges facing MSPs and potential solutions.

  • Recovering Policies that have Disappeared

    When Policies Disappear...

    Many MSPs have complained recently about policies (and possibly other objects) disappearing when they are moved within a specific group, or moved and dropped into a group. … more

  • An Effective Patching Process

    Tags: VSA Patching

    Of all the MSPs that I speak with, patching is the one component that everyone says that they use. Once we dig in a little deeper, I’m amazed by how few MSPs use this fundamental platform component … more

  • The Real Price of Automation

    I talk to a lot of MSPs about automation, and invariably we discuss our automation tools. It always surprises me when an MSP says, “we’re too small for that” or “I don’t think we could afford that!”. … more

  • Managed Vars - Take 2

    VSA Managed Variables, Problems, and SaaS-Friendly Solutions

    Well, just one month ago, I discussed using Managed Variables, and reviewed some of the challenges with them.  A current bug in VSA … more

  • Leveraging VSA Machine Groups

    Tags: Machine Groups, Standards

    Planning, Structure, and Consistency

    These are the essentials for creating a VSA platform that is "automation friendly". If you read my article on Monitor Sets, you'll recall that our monitors … more

  • Using VSA Managed Variables

    VSA Managed Variables

    VSA Managed Variables offer an excellent way to provide customer and machine-group specific values for use in Agent Procedures. We have more than 20 unique Managed Variables … more

  • Good Habits for Writing Procedures

    Good Habits for Writing Procedures

    I participated in a panel at Kaseya Connect that talked about automation. One of the audience questions was "how do you manage creating procedures by your team?". … more

  • Results from a year of using the RMM Suite

    It recently passed the 1 year mark of using the RMM Suite in our MSP practice (Baroan Technologies - Instinct told us that things were operating better - fewer tickets, more … more

  • Masterful Monitoring

    Masterful Monitoring

    One of the challenges that most MSPs face is managing the alerts from the systems that they monitor. All too often, the default or sample monitor sets that are provided by the … more

  • The origin of MSP Builder

    MSP Builder first came about when Baroan Technologies developed a short video that described what an MSP was, what it did, and how it could help businesses better manage their IT infrastructure. It … more