Why partner with MSP Builder?


Increase Technician Efficiency

Reduce 80% of ongoing RMM administration and allow your technicians to focus more effectively on client-facing services. Our auto-remediation capabilities combined with our PSA workflow processes have helped to significantly reduce technician "time-on-ticket" - over 45% has been reported by our customers!

Be Proactive For Your Clients

The RMM Suite's scripts and monitors keep you in the know regarding your clients' workstations, servers, and security. This allows you to prevent downtime, fix issues before they become a problem, and builds increased trust with your clients.


First Class Support

Get support when you need it. We become your first stop for RMM issues, responding within hours, not days. Staffed with L-3 techs in the U.S. and New Zealand, we have near-24/7 support coverage without any "escalation games".

Your Goals, Met. And Exceeded.

Make The RMM Suite work for you. Have an idea, feature request, or need a specific situation automated? We can create it - most times within a few days - at no additional cost. We take feature requests seriously, often with turnaround of less than 30-days.

What our clients are saying about the RMM Suite...

"What we really found to be the most beneficial with the product is our ability to be proactive for our customers. The daily maintenance that takes place is crucial in keeping our devices at their baseline. The intelligence that is built into the monitoring and alerting is second to none. We are able to generate tickets quickly, as issues arise and get our technicians on those issues, before the customer even knows there was an issue."
Matt Carpenter / Preferred IT Group

MSP Builder staff is incredible. Their knowledge of the product is second to none, and they’ve made it perform for us in ways we couldn’t have imagined. We’re able to use Kaseya VSA now to auto-remediate issues and actually be proactive. With MSP Builder’s tools we can tell our customers with a straight face that we are truly being proactive. We’ve been operating our MSP for over 15 years now, but now that we’ve implemented the MSP Builder RMM Suite, I can say that we’ve taken the next step in the MSP journey.
Joe Malmberg / Top-Dog PC

"Thanks to MSP Builder's RMM Suite, our Kaseya VSA is fully automated between all modules, allowing us to scale out and expand our services to clients. Our Kaseya Admin can focus on operating the "engine" rather than fixing it, gaining back time to grow our other tools.
Drayton Mayer / TeamLogic IT Memphis

I trialed MSP Assist and am spending the extra on MSP Builder. Kaseya VSA is a beast and all MSP Builder does all day long is find ways to tame it. And once they have, they find even better ways.

We have had Kaseya for about a year and just started using the RMM Suite about a month ago. I wish I would have started with them a year ago! They have an amazing team and the onboarding process was smooth. It has taken our proactive management of machines to the next level.

They (MSP Builder) hit it from a few angles, actually have GOOD monitors (far less B-S alert tickets), daily temp file cleanup and other system maintenance tasks; updates that actually work and FORCE the user to apply them in a much better way than VSA does it. If you're a smaller MSP, I doubt you'd see much of a reduction in user help desk tickets. What you will see is a massive reduction in time it takes you to manage VSA.

THANK YOU for your support. It's because of people like you that I have been able to build my business to what it is today. We have a long way to go but I belive that partnering with businesses like yours will aid in getting us to where we want to be.
Conrad McKnight / Triad PC Repair of Lexington

MSPB has been instrumental in helping organize our VSA. It's rough trying to get everything organized when you are extremely busy actually helping customers. On top of that, Glenn and the team are extremely helpful and give very detailed responses to questions that we have and provide reliable and extensible solutions to automation that most people do not have the knowledge to create and implement.
Shay Groves / TeamLogic IT Fayetteville

Every minute you dedicate to putting tech on the tools - they aren't helping a customer - and conversely, every minute you neglect your tooling - your chances of missing something increase exponentially. That's why we use the RMM Suite.

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