Professional Services

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Whether you need assistance optimizing a monitor set or need a full RMM platform implementation, the MSP Builder Professional Services team is the resource to turn to. Our expertise encompasses various RMM platforms and virtualization all the way to Enterprise Best Practices. We're adept at scaling enterprise methods to smaller environments, establishing reliability and reducing risk, all with a keen eye toward standards and automation.

RMM Suite Platform Management / Operational Support

MSPs using the RMM Suite can experience a high level of automation with minimal effort using our affordable platform management services. This is a combination of weekly, monthly, and ad-hoc services that we provide to keep your RMM optimized and automation running smoothly. MSP Builder's team can handle this administrative task for you, whether to cover staff absences and periods of turnover, or long-term if you don't have the resources to handle this in-house. Operational Support adds bi-weekly meetings to review requirements for configuration and custom automation, delivering a highly optimized solution.

RMM Platform Migration/Transition

Changing RMMs is never easy. With the RMM Suite, you can migrate from one RMM platform to another in just a few days, without losing any automation, patching, monitoring, or ongoing maintenance. MSP Builder's pro-services create the tools needed to quickly migrate devices, usually in just a few days. RMM scripts on the old and new platforms have identical names and functionality, preserving knowledge and team operations. RMM migration projects for up to 1000 devices start at just $1750,

RMM Suite Operational Audits

Maintain optimal effectiveness of the RMM Suite and your RMM platform! These operational audits will identify areas where you can improve your use of the RMM Suite capabilities. Perfect for training new staff, too!

  • 8-Point Operational Review - $475
    Covers the 8 most important configuration and operational aspects of the RMM Suite, including patching, enhanced configuration, tool customization, operational maintenance, automation, and more. Includes 90-minutes of review and training time to discuss the results and plan for improvements. Recommended after 6-months of use, quarterly for 6-9 months to review and reinforce operational habits.
  • Comprehensive Platform Audit - $895
    An in-depth review of all aspects of configuration, customization, and operation of the RMM Suite and RMM platform. This delivers a detailed report with specific concerns and remediation methods to ensure that you are getting the most value from the automation. Includes 3 hours of review and training time. Suggested for bi-annual review or after changes in administrative staff.

All audits provide for discounted Pro-Services rates for additional training or guidance requested within 30-days of the initial audit review.

Platform Builds and Optimization

Whether you're a new RMM user or an old hand that's gone through several RMM Admins with different styles, we can help get your RMM infrastructure built properly, standardized, optimized, and documented. We've built enough platforms to know how to leverage every bit of performance from the technology.

Custom Monitoring, Alerting, and Automation

Our team can help you develop custom monitoring and automation solutions to unique challenges. Our in-depth knowledge of monitoring and use of the RMM APIs allows us to create highly effective solutions.

IT Best Practices

We have enterprise experience and the knack to adapt it to small to mid-sized environments to improve security and operational reliability while reducing risk.

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Current (as of Q4-2022) Professional Service rates are $275 per hour, billed in 6-minute (0.1-hour) increments with a 30-minute minimum.