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Endpoint Security - Local Accounts

Creating and maintaining local admin accounts

Creating and maintaining local admin accounts on customer endpoints can be a challenging task. Just a few years ago, many MSPs used a single common set of credentials at all customers. This was replaced with per-customer credentials, and today we're being told to implement endpoint-specific accounts with complex passwords that change regularly. What's an MSP to do? Use the RMM Suite, of course!

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Endpoint Management - Service Level Automation

Deploying Components Based on Service Levels

Many MSPs offer different Operational Service Levels that include different products and varying levels of monitoring or automation. This has often resulted in complex configurations of filters and automation policies tied to scripts linked directly to customers. The RMM Suite can drive automation based on a "Class of Service" value that's defined as a customer custom field or at an organizational (group) level for simple operation.

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Endpoint Management - Maintaining Components

Automating Application Maintnenance

There are plenty of tools available to update and maintain commonly used applications like Office and Acrobat, but what about specific Line of Business apps? 
The RMM Suite provides the framework to detect these applications, their versions, and run updates when needed through Daily Maintenance.

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