The Origin of MSP Builder

The Origin of MSP Builder

MSP Builder first came about when Baroan Technologies developed a short video that described what an MSP was, what it did, and how it could help businesses better manage their IT infrastructure. It works well for web marketing and as an introductory training tool for new clients. This video is sold to MSPs world-wide, and has even been dubbed in multiple dialects. It can even be custom-branded with an MSP's logo.

As we developed new tools for our MSP business, we began to offer those under the MSP Builder product line. These are the Tool Chest products that allow an MSP to develop their own advanced tools for Kaseya Service Desk as well as several PSA-Agnostic tools that provide consistency of administration and methods for common administrative tasks. These tools are sold for a one-time license fee and allow unlimited use at any client managed through a PSA, including Kaseya and LabTech. Alternate versions are available for organizations that are unmanaged by an MSP, ranging in cost from free for small businesses to under $1000 for an unrestricted enterprise environment.

Our flagship product is an RMM Suite for Kaseya version 9 and above. It's a turnkey implementation that includes everything an MSP needs to proficiently use a Kaseya VSA platform:

  • A polished and focused set of monitors that eliminate the "noise" and allow engineers to target the real issues.
  • "Smart Monitors" that can self-remeidate certain conditions, auto-adjust to host-specific configurations, and alert only for multiple consecutive detections. These simplify deployment and further reduce false alerts.
  • Baseline configuration sets for AV and AM profiles and patching profiles, which allow an MSP to deploy customer-specific profiles that are based on standards, reducing effort to deploy while maintaining consistency.
  • Pre-configured System Policies that automate the administration and deployment of monitors, patch schedules, AV/AM profiles, application updates, and even auto-remediation of common conditions like outdated agents.
  • A fully automated Ticket Processor, with automatic deployment of remediation procedures, escalation of alerts, notification by email, pager, or phone for high-priority events when the help desk is closed.
  • An autonomous daily maintenance tool suite that performs day and evening tasks to maintain the health and quality of operation of both workstations and servers in a client environment. Tasks can easily be customized by customer, site, or even a specific machine.

Best of all, the entire package is affordably priced, and installation & training are available and take less than 3 days.



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