Guest Blog-Why are we always surprised?

Guest Blog-Why are we always surprised?

We are approaching the five-year anniversary of our first MSP-Ignite Peer Group Meeting. I find myself thinking about all of the conversations and common issues that have been discussed. One universal truth surrounds the discovery made after any of us loses a member of our team.


The phenomena, usually, occurs after several months of debating whether or not to let a problem employee go. The shocking discovery, however, seems to be the same no matter what terms the former employee leaves under. Of course, compounding the entire issue is the fact that as owners or managers we no longer believe that we remember how to do many of the tasks performed by others.


As MSPs we are constantly discussing the “pro-active” measures we take on behalf of our clients. Yet somehow, we don’t think pro-actively when it comes to our own businesses. We work tirelessly to build a team of people that handle every aspect of our businesses. We remove ourselves from the day-to-day operations of the business and celebrate the fact that we did so as if it is our lifelong goal.


Perhaps, after we finish celebrating, we should apply that pro-active mentality to the health of our businesses. When’s the last time you jumped in and just worked a ticket? Spent half a day as a Service Coordinator? Handled the Approve & Post process? Performed a Strategic Business Review? Not only should you and your leadership team jump in every once in a while, you should do so in areas that are not necessarily in your wheelhouse.


Actually, pull the documentation and follow it to the end. Analyze everything about the environment surrounding the task and take note of where it can be improved. Take the time to look at how previous tickets for the client were handled, how the billing was done the previous month, what was discussed at the last SBR. In other words, pro-actively look for where the processes are not being followed or can be improved. Look for areas where your staff is less than perfect. You don’t have to necessarily take actions on any of your findings. Just use the information to avoid surprises down the road.


Steve Alexander / MSP-IGNITE


Steve Alexander has over 30 years of experience running multiple IT Service Providers and MSPs. As the owner of MSP-Ignite he facilitates industry leading peer groups with a unique approach designed to make every member feel like they are being guided towards their own goals by a private consultant.


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