MSP Builder offers a wide range of focused as well as general IT training services, both instructor led and computer based. Most sessions are 50 minutes long, allowing review and test to be completed in a single hour timespan. Some courses consist of multiple one-hour parts to allow them to be spread out as time permits without losing focus.

Instructor Led Training

Our entire curriculum is available for on-site and web-based training for groups of 5 to 15 students. On-site training can deliver up to 6 modules per day, either the same course to multiple groups, or multiple courses to one or more groups. Web training can be custom scheduled for as few as two course sessions per day.

Check our Class Schedule for regularly scheduled training sessions on all popular topics, as well as seminars open to the general public.

Computer Based Training

Companies can subscribe to our Learning Management System, which presents our curriculum using video instruction (featuring "Professor Automation"), study materials, and computer-based testing. The monthly subscription of $99 per company is a cost-effective way of providing uniform training for your entire team.

Public Seminars

A series of free, publicly available seminars covering a variety of topics of interest to an MSP.