Kaseya VSA / RMM Suite Administration Service

MSP Builder can augment your VSA management team by performing a set of weekly and monthly maintenance tasks on your VSA platform. Users of the RMM Suite can be assured that the automation is being applied properly and executed correctly and patching is configured, updated monthly, and running across all managed endpoints. This service is affordably priced to fit any MSP's budget. (The service depends on the RMM Suite subscription and is available to any MSP Builder RMM Suite customer.) Contact sales@mspbuilder.com for more information or to request this service. There are no minimum terms or contracts - 

We'll do it, so you don't have to!

Service Features

  • Weekly checks of the automation, and remediation where needed to ensure that the automation is functioning properly. We would notify the manager/admin at your location if we removed any manually applied configuration settings that impacted the automation, so that appropriate changes could be undertaken (create/apply override policies).
  • Provide guidance* to the MSP manager/admin or engineer to properly configure MSP Builder components:
    • Define and / or deploy override policies
    • Troubleshoot endpoint issues, such as “Maintenance has not run”.
      *These tasks are MSP and customer specific and the MSP must perform these deployment or troubleshooting tasks. We will assist where necessary and provide training where required, but the MSP must closely coordinate these changes that affect their customer management operations.
  • Monthly spot-checks of automation deployment and corrections where necessary.
  • Monthly approval of standard Patch Policies, according to our internal review and approval process. Any customer-specific restrictions would be the responsibility of the MSP to update. Any locally detected issues from patching must either be withdrawn by the MSP by locating and denying the patch, or making a written request to MSP Builder support to have the patch denied. As we do not have an intimate knowledge of your customers, we cannot be responsible for any issues arising from normal patch approval and deployment.
  • Requests, in writing, for new monitors. This will include:
    • Updating the Audit configuration file to define the detection;
    • Create the Service and Event Log monitors based on information provided by the MSP;
    • Create the View and Policy needed to automatically apply the monitor set(s) based on the audit detection.

We will not perform any direct actions on your customer agents, aside from using our support tools to test/verify operation or correct conditions directly affecting the operation of the MSP Builder tools (such as removing and re-deploying the tools from the agent to force a full update). If we detect an issue that requires direct interaction with an agent or end-user, we will notify the MSP manager/admin of the condition and request that they follow our instructions to resolve the issue in coordination with the end-user customer.


  Service Monthly Cost
  VSA Administration Base Service Fee (up to 1000 Agents) $150
  VSA Administration, per 1-500 additional Agents $50

This service is for RMM Suite administration on your VSA. We do not administer other VSA settings or customer agents.