The RMM Suite Capabilities!

See how we transform your RMM operations - saving you time, money, and pesky fire-calls with our secure and proactive software and operating methods.

Core Capabilities

  • ​Agent Procedures for endpoint / platform management, application installation and updating.​ ​
  • Views/filters for selecting, reports, and automation control.​
  • ​Monitors for platforms and common applications, with automatic deployment and Direct-Heal technology.​
  • ​Intelligent monitoring eliminates the need for manual configuration.​
  • ​Report Templates for internal and customer needs.​
  • ​Client specific user interface and ticket routing.​
  • Configuration Management to easily support maintaining a "standard configuration" on endpoints.
  • Class of Service support to easily deploy apps and configurations based on varying service levels (ie: Bronze/Silver/Gold)

Proactive Maintenance

  • Scheduling ability of maintenance tasks - once, daily, weekly, or monthly.​ ​Ability to add scripts or commands to meet special requirements.​
  • Control of tasks by installed applications/versions, files, or registry values. - fully-ntegrated with Auditing to provide Zero-Day Vulnerability detect & remediate capability.
  • ​Maintenance Tasks include a Graphic Message Display, plus advanced commands to Reboot, perform Uptime Check, read/write registry data, File Delete, UnZip, and Web Download.​

Smart Monitors

  • ​Standard Smart Monitors include Disk Capacity, AV Security, Account Security, Server Availability, Server Reboot in Business Hours, Time Sync, and Internet Failover.
  • ​Reduce alerts by automatically setting thresholds, suppressing alerts from transient conditions, and self-remediating common conditions. Monitors are customizable by client, location, or specific agent.​

Advanced Endpoint Auditing

  • Daily audits complete in seconds and provide data for full RMM automation.​
  • ​Fully-customizable; updates custom fields for custom automation or reporting.​
  • ​Query files, the registry, and run WMI queries to obtain required information - over 200 standard values collected daily.​

Intelligent Ticket Processing

  • ​ITP provides workflow processing to intelligently handle alarm events.​
  • ​Filter unwanted events to reduce ticket “noise”.​
  • ​Interface with any PSA via email, plus advanced integrations for Kaseya BMS, ConnectWise Manage, Halo, and ​Datto AutoTask.​
  • ​Initiate alert-specific RMM Scripts to attempt remediation.​
  • ​Integrate with Smart Paging services for intelligent after-hours notification, with full understanding of help-desk hours, client operating hours, weekday/weekend/holiday, and alert priority.​
  • ​Consolidates similar events and performs intelligent event deduplication.​
  • ​Client Tenancy: client-specific processing and ticket routing to queues and even to different PSA's.​
  • ​Per-Agent and Per-Alert custom ticket note insertion to aid in standardized diagnostic processes. to help reduce time spent on alarm tickets.​
  • ​Third-Party NOC Notifications - ideal for after-hours priority support.​
  • ​Event Telemetry Logging for analysis and diagnostic instruction.​
  • ​Asset and Client Blacklisting - allows full automation without tickets.​
  • ​Client Site and Website Checks: Site-page Validity and page cache keep-alive for web​; "socket-ping" for site connectivity checks.
  • ​RMM Expired Agent Cleanup, helps remove clutter and reduce licensing expense.​