The RMM Suite Value Proposition




$1,895 one-time

Everything you need to supercharge your RMM platform, including professional installation of the RMM Suite software, expert-led hands-on training, guided customization, and advanced platform management tools, all in just 6-10 business days.


$349.00 monthly

Provides automated upkeep of all RMM Suite tools and RMM platform components such as monitor sets, scripts, views/filters, and automation components. You never need to download and apply updates manually! Customer alarm telemetry data for QBRs and an annual operational review are also provided.  


$0.66 / agent monthly

Licensing fees provide you with top-tier support - not just for the RMM Suite software but for your RMM platform as well. Our support team is staffed by L-3 engineers, there's no "escalation game" or days of waiting for a response. Price breaks apply automatically based on agent volume.


Licensing based fairly on deployed agents, not arbitrary counts.
Simple annual term - no multi-year commitments.


The RMM Suite Delivers Proven Value

Yes - Value! The RMM Suite delivers a proven ROI by reducing the ticket noise, improving monitoring, auto-remediating many common issues, and reducing the time required for your technicians to diagnose and resolve alert issues. With just a 10% time savings, the RMM Suite can typically pay for itself in time saved each month. Customers have reported an excess of 45% reduction in time needed to process and close alert tickets, which can reduce help-desk staffing requirements and improve profitability.

There is no better way to fully-leverage the capabilities of your RMM platform - anywhere, at any price!

Still not convinced? Use our ROI Calculator to generate an ROI report for your practice to see how quickly the RMM Suite will pay for itself.