The RMM Suite is a fully integrated solution that starts by establishing a robust VSA foundation, optimizing it for performance and preparing it for automation.



Core Automation builds on the foundation with a tightly-integrated set of procedures, monitors, views, policies, and applications to automate your VSA platform.


Enhanced Maintenance and Monitoring provides custom applications that perform autonomous operations to maintain, monitor, and even self-heal agents.


Intelligent Ticket Processing intelligently evaluates VSA alerts, initiates Agent Procedure based remediation, and interfaces with virtually any PSA.


The RMM Suite by MSP Builder Will Revolutionize
How You Operate Your MSP Practice and RMM Platform.

Yes, that’s a pretty bold statement, but just talk to any RMM Suite user and you’ll understand why.

The RMM Suite is much more than a set of monitors or procedures. It’s a set of operating principals that embrace automation. It’s a fully integrated package of tools that reduce the manual effort of managing agents and the RMM itself. Sure, there’s monitors, procedures, views, and policies, but we add applications that manage customers and schedule server patching through a simple Microsoft Excel based interface. Fully automated onboarding of customers and agents eliminates much of the effort of bringing new customers into your practice. Then there’s the Intelligent Ticket Processing system. This application dramatically reduces the alert tickets that your help desk needs to process. It filters the unwanted notices, can notify after-hours support of critical events, and deliver events into any PSA platform.

And it does all of this starting at just $209 per month!

Revolutionize? How?

Consider a typical mid-sized MSP that has not automated their RMM platform. They have 1350 agents, and these conservatively generate 235 alerts each day. The help-desk manager needs 4 minutes to review and assign each ticket, adding a brief note and possibly defining the classification values. The technician needs an average of 37 minutes to open the ticket, connect to the agent, troubleshoot, resolve, and then update and close the ticket.

Based on these values, you will need two people to dispatch the alert tickets, and 17 technicians to resolve them in an 8-hour day, not accounting for customer calls. Clearly, this is an impossible situation, and most MSPs route these alerts to a special queue to review when they have time. Of course, this is a quick way to miss critical alerts and then have to deal with an irate client.

The RMM Suite, with its optimized monitors, Smart Monitor technology, and Intelligent Ticket Processing reduces alert tickets to a manageable level. With the same number of alerts, the RMM Suite will typically generate just 9 alert tickets. This requires just 32 minutes to assign and, thanks to the workflow processing, just 3.6 hours for a technician to resolve. That's more customer agents supported by less staff, allowing your staff to be reallocated to more profitable endeavors.

An Effective ROI!

The auto-remediation capabilities combined with our PSA workflow processes have helped reduce technician time-on ticket more than 45%. If your average technician salary is $45,0000, their daily cost is around $204 (including taxes & benefits) per engineer. Using the same example of 1350 agents and , the RMM Suite would pay for itself in just 11.5 hours, and the continued reduction in alert ticket processing could save almost $9,000 each month. Combine the savings with your staff being able to work on revenue-generating tasks and the ROI soars! Plus, the RMM Suite works 24/7, never takes a day off, and makes your entire team more productive. 

In summary, the RMM Suite:

  • Significantly reduces manual administration of VSA.
  • Improves monitoring while reducing ticket "noise".
  • Automatically runs Agent Procedures in response to specific alert events.
  • Improves endpoint operation and performance through continuous maintenance.
  • Fully automated process reduces technician workload and improves accuracy.

We did it so you don't have to!