The RMM Suite is a fully integrated solution that starts by establishing a robust VSA foundation, optimizing it for performance and preparing it for automation.



Core Automation builds on the foundation with a tightly-integrated set of procedures, monitors, views, policies, and applications to automate your VSA platform.


Enhanced Maintenance and Monitoring provides custom applications that perform autonomous operations to maintain, monitor, and even self-heal agents.


Intelligent Ticket Processing intelligently evaluates VSA alerts, initiates Agent Procedure based remediation, and interfaces with virtually any PSA.


The RMM Suite is a complete automation solution for Kaseya's VSA platform.

Kaseya VSA is a powerful business tool for MSPs and internal IT departments. Many companies that employ the VSA barely scratch the surface of its capabilities. MSP Builder’s RMM Suite is a ready to use set of highly integrated components that allow the abilities of the VSA to be more fully utilized with a minimum investment in time and money, enhancing the value of this powerful platform, whether on-premise or in Kaseya's SAAS environment.

Key Features of the RMM Suite

Optimal VSA Foundation

The RMM Suite implementation starts with a review of your VSA. We identify areas where improvements can be made to performance and the ability automate effectively. We work with you to insure that special customer requirements are identified and met, and to plan for a highly automated solution.

Core Automation

The Core Automation components represent a fully-integrated set of monitors, views, system policies, agent procedures, patch policies, and custom applications that tie everything together. The cornerstone of Core Automation is a Daily Audit tool that we developed that identifies over 130 system roles, features, services, and applications, and adding a new custom detection takes less than 5 minutes. The results of the audit tool provide the information to drive the rest of the automation, dynamically applying monitors, scheduling patching and updating, and running components from the EMM Suite. This part of the RMM Suite helps to reduce ongoing VSA administration to less than 20 minutes per week.

Enhanced Maintenance & Monitoring (EMM)

EMM helps the MSP in several ways by virtually eliminating false alerts from inappropriate monitoring thresholds, and reduces end-user calls through Daily Maintenance. These are custom applications that run quickly with little to no impact on the agent. Daily Maintenance runs low-level tasks during the day, taking just seconds to complete, with impactful tasks scheduled for after-hours. The MSP can easily augment the tasks, and can customize the maintenance that is performed on a customer, site, or even agent-specific basis.

Our Smart Monitors take agent monitoring to a whole new level. These tiny applications can automatically set appropriate thresholds, remediate conditions, and even suppress alerts for non-critical conditions to allow remediation steps time to work. Smart Monitors are currently available for Disk Capacity, AV Security, Workday Server Boot, Time Sync, and Internet Failover/Failback detection, and new monitors are always under development.

Intelligent Ticket Processing (ITP)

One of the largest monitoring challenges is being able to get good, reliable information. Many devices can be configured to send SNMP or Email alerts, but you often can't choose which alerts to send and which to suppress, so you get unwanted "noise" in your ticketing system. This requires time and effort by your staff to review and close these events, or additional processing that must be customized for every product. ITP solves this by collecting the event data directly from VSA, intelligently processing the alert, initiating remediation procedures, gathering additional information from VSA, and then - where appropriate - sending the alert to your PSA. ITP can even interface with most popular "smart pager" services, alerting your on-call team to high-priority events.

Documented and Systemized

Unlike other solutions that provide just monitors or procedures, the RMM Suite is fully integrated. Every part is designed from the ground-up to work together seamlessly. The documentation we provide are Operational guides - they not only discuss the configuration of the software, but how to operate your entire RMM platform in an automated manner.

In summary, the RMM Suite:

  • Significantly reduces manual administration of VSA.
  • Improves alerting and reduces ticket "noise" (up to 63% reduction has been realized).
  • Automatically runs Agent Procedures in response to specific alert events.
  • Improves endpoint operation and performance through continuous maintenance.
  • Fully automated process reduces workload and improves accuracy.

We did it so you don't have to!